Anomalies in Chopper fares for Machail Pilgrimage!

Paddar – The land of Sapphire is also famous as the land of Gods and Goddesses.

It is also known not only in the state but also in the neighbouring states for its famous pilgrimages particularly Chandi Mata, Machail. Every year during the month of August, lacs of pilgrims drawn from within and outside the state, pay obeisance at the holy temple of Mata Chandi, Machail. The pilgrims have to travel a distance of about 32 kms on foot from the base motorable point Gulabgarh. For last 3 – 4 years Government has taken initiative to engage small chartered flights from base camp Gulabgarh to Holy temple Machail which takes only 7 minutes. The irony of the fate is that while the fare charges for the same distance from base camp Katra to Sanjhi Chat in Katra and from Baltal to Holy Amarnath cave, is around Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2890 per head for to and fro journey, the flight charges in Paddar from Gulabgarh to Machail are around Rs. 5700 to Rs. 6000 per head – two exorbitant to be justified by the authorities at the helm of affairs. The matter has been brought to the notice of Hon’ble Minister for Sports and Technical Education – Mr. R. S. Chib who visited the area on July 1st  2012 as also to the notice of District Development Commissioner, Kishtwar and MLA Kishtwar who accompanied the Hon’ble Minister. The fact was also brought to the notice of Divisional Commissioner Jammu with the request to remove the anomaly and save the pilgrims from getting fleeced. But nothing has been done in this regard so far. It is reliably learnt that tenders have been accepted by the then District Magistrate, Kishtwar for the above destinations for 2 years which is totally against the law or any financial management. There is great resentment amongst the people in general and pilgrims and youths in particular about the unjustified and highly inflated rates being charged. They smell a rat in this whole fishy affair. Is it sheer discrimination or malafide??

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8 thoughts on “Anomalies in Chopper fares for Machail Pilgrimage!

  • kulbir Raj says:

    The pilgrimage is to held every year from 1st july onwards for two months.More than two lakhs of devotees visited the pious goddess CHANDI MATA BHAVAN last year. Regarding charging heavily as chopper fare practice immediate steps should to be taken to curb it.Sarve Shakti Sevak Sanstha (SSSS) ;local mass public and the concerned administration of the play district can play an effective role to bring good news for the devotees that facilitate a large number of pilgrims.The Indian Constitution has provided equal rights irrespective of geographical regions ….than why such a huge margin difference of fare charges in comparison with …Amarnath Yatra and Vaishnavi ….katra.
    Personally I would like to suggest that chopper fares have to be reduced by over 45%. ..I extends my…Special thanks to administrator for forwarding such an article ..of noble cause.

    • Admin says:

      Thanks for speaking out Kulbir.

    • Sahil Bucha says:

      Even though some organisations in jammu protests for the same, but still these corrupt political leaders behave like a deaf person for these issues.
      Hope that shrine board shall be constituted soon for machail yatra , so that better arrangements shall be made for devotees..

      Thanks to Admin for uplifting these social causes..

  • S.P.SHARMA says:

    yes it is true politcale persons are deaf.

  • Bibek Bhattacharya says:

    Just a suggestion, maybe a flight is not such a great idea environmentally? And don’t you get a greater satisfaction in walking to see the devi than taking a helicopter? Kedar-Badri in Uttarakhand has already been ruined by chopper services, buses right up to the temple etc. Would you want your beautiful valley to be ruined like this?

    • Admin says:

      Thats a great suggestion you made environmentally Bibek, but the ground reality is totally different from what it is in Kedar-Badrinath. The area lacks even the basic facilities like electrification, roads, education and what not, as a matter of fact the whole trek is 32 kms long which is of course uphill. Moreover the people are not doing so well economically, it is this Yatra alone that gives a tremendous boost to their income which they would never be able to earn for the whole year what they make in just one month. So basically the point I am trying to make is that the area needs these services which would bring more visitors to our place for the betterment of lifestyle of the locals. Also the services dont run for the whole year it is just during the month of August.

  • NavRattan Shetyan says:

    jai Maa chandi

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