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Instructions while travelling to Machail

Travelling to Machail in Paddar? Here is a list of important instructions to follow if you happen to be travelling to Machail. 1. For your own comfort do not forget to carry a blanket, torch, umbrella, wind cheater and warm clothings with you before you head to Machail. 2. Despite …

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RTI Against Poor Services of BSNL in Paddar


India is going digital and it is happening at a very rapid speed. Several technological advancements have become a part of our life. One of the most important of them all which is directly affecting our day to day life is in the form of Internet. 4G is launched Pan …

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Dental Crisis in Paddar

The Health Department of PDP-BJP government in Jammu and Kashmir is to ensure quality health facilities at root level not only in cities but also in rural areas. Missions including NRHM/RBSK etc. are focused on such issues throughout the nation but interesting thing to notice is how far the state …

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Dangerous Road journey from Kishtwar to Paddar

The road length from Kishtwar to Paddar is 65 kms long. Its a very tough journey consisting of hairpin turns, narrow stretches, landslide prone zones and non-asphaltic course which is a perfect blend for the offroad travellers seeking adrenaline rush. The much brighter side of this road stretch will also …

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Pity plight of education in rural areas of J&K

The educational standard in rural and distant areas of the state has gone to its lowest level. There are so many factors responsible for the deterioration of quality education as under: 1. Attachment of teachers:- So many schools including High Schools, Middle Schools and Primary Schools are under staffed. Generally …

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Pathetic services of BSNL in Paddar


At present Paddar area is connected by road just upto Gulabgarh. The road connects 6 Panchayats as against 13 so far. BSNL is the sole provider of mobile communication in Paddar. It has erected only 2 mobile towers of which only one towers remains functional most of the time. The …

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Burning Demands of Paddar

Here are the burning demands of Paddar 1. Schedule Tribe Status The neighbouring areas of Pangi (H.P) and Zanskar (Ladakh) once dependent on Paddar area in respect of commodities upto late 70’s have progressed leaps and bounds by virtue of constitutional mechanism of Schedule Tribe and Hill Development Council instruments …

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Limitations on Delimitation

Among many other commitments made by Congress, PDP government during their coalition tenure in their Common Minimum Programme (CMP) during 2008 elections and during 2015 the BJP and PDP have also agreed to form the proposed delimitation commission in their “Agenda for Alliance” and there is every likelihood that the …

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Facts about Paddar

Tehsil Did you know that Paddar enjoyed the status of Tehsil prior to independence with its headquarter at Gulabgarh during winters and Zanskar, now part of District Kargil (Ladakh) during summers? It was in 1962 when Paddar got the status of Niyabat i.e. after remaining in oblivion for 15 long …

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