How to apply for State Subject in J&K. A Complete Guide.

State Subject or we call it Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) here in J&K. Before going into the details regarding the process to apply for the...

Watch the Hanswar Waterfall Video in Paddar

Let me take you on a trip to a Hanswar waterfall in Paddar. We made a waterfall video and let me describe the entire...
Showcasing this beautiful place to the world through words, photos and videos. Favourite Quote "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit."




Top 10 Photographs of Paddar 2017

Gulabgarh Paddar
Gulabgarh Paddar Atholi Paddar Dudhaid Waterfall Sohal Towards Machail Mata Machail Atholi Gulabgarh Road to Paddar Atholi

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