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Ayushman Bharat J&K | Name Missing in SECC 2011 Data?

What is Ayushman Bharat J&K Scheme or Jammu and Kashmir Health Insurance Scheme?

J&K Health insurance Scheme or Ayushman Bharat PM-JAY Sehat Scheme was launched on 26th December 2020 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a virtual event. It is one of a kind Universal Health Insurance Scheme in India that will cover every family of the Union Territory of J&K with an annual cover of 5 Lakh rupees.

The best part of the PMJAY Sehat scheme will be its portability across the country. It means the beneficiaries of the Ayushman Bharat Scheme in J&K will be able to avail free health insurance cover across India at any empaneled Hospital under PMJAY scheme.

Find out Ayushman Bharat Eligibility here

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Unfortunately, there have been many cases of families missing from the Socio-Economic Caste Census-2011 for availing benefits under the promising Ayushman Bharat Scheme in Jammu and Kashmir.

To address the issue, Government of Jammu and Kashmir by Order No. 846-JK(HME) of 2020 dated 09/11/2020 put forward the procedure to include the families missing from SECC-2011 data, to the database for implementation of SEHAT Scheme in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

Procedure laid down by Government for including missing names in SECC 2011 Database.

It was decided to create Committees that will be analyzing the genuineness of the families missing from the SECC 2011 census and adding them to the database.

Formation of Committees for including missing names from Ayushman Bharat J&K

Block Level Committees will be headed by

  1. Tehsildar – Chairman
  2. Block Development Officer – Member
  3. Block Medical Officer – Member/Secretary
  4. Tehsil Supply Officer – Member

Village Level Committee will be comprised of

  1. Patwari
  2. Village Level Worker
  3. Store Keeper
  4. ASHA

How to add name missing in SECC 2011 data for Ayushman Bharat J&K?

  1. Present an application to the concerned Tehsildar for enlisting the name.
  2. Tehsildar shall forward the application to the concerned Patwari for verification by the Village Level Committee.
  3. The VLC or Village Level Committee shall ascertain the fact of separate Chulha and Ration card and report back to the Tehsildar through Patwari in 2 days.
  4. The case shall then be put before Block Level Committee for genuineness.

The BMO shall forward the case to CMO for uploading the name missing in SECC 2011 Database.

Download Application form to include family under PM-JAY Sehat Scheme

Click here to Download Ayushman Bharat form in J&K to include the missing names in the SECC Database. Just a little reminder that this form is applicable for Rural areas only. There will be separate form for Urban areas.

A total of 8 signatories need to verify the form.

How much time will it take to add the name missing in SECC 2011 data for Ayushman Bharat J&K?

5 days has been fixed to clear the name received by the Committee for including name in 2011 SECC Data for health insurance in Jammu and Kashmir.


We verified it with the officers at the ground level with Tehsildar in Paddar and found out that they have started accepting the applications. But, we think 8 signatories to verify a form that one should be included in a database is a bit inordinate exercise. It needs to be seen how much time does an applicant have to waste to get hold of all the authorized committee members. We hope the process is made simpler and the poor applicants do not have to run from pillar to post to complete the application for including the missing names in the SECC 2011 data.

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