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Cheapest Hosting Renewal Method

We all know hosting renewals cost a way lot more than purchasing a new hosting plan and we all search for the cheap hosting renewal coupons online to get the best deal to keep the cost low.

The trick is to buy new hosting plan which comes very cheap without using Godaddy web hosting coupon and upload our website on a new hosting plan; that way we can keep a bigger earning share from our website and minimize the spend on hosting renewals cost and domain cost. The whole process will take not more than 10 minutes depending upon the broadband speed you have.

Another advantage of this method is that you don’t have to spend your money to buy costly wordpress plugins for backup and restore.

In this case I have been using Godaddy hosting plan which was about to expire and I decided to save some money to gift myself a pair of jeans. LOL. Two things to backup and restore here are:

  1. Home directory.
  2. MySQL Database

So lets get started. I’ll assume that you have purchased a new hosting plan and you have setup your new Web Hosting using the given options on your screen. But do not install wordpress using default method, we will be uploading the wordpress installation using Godaddy BackupWizard.

  1. Click on My Products.
  2. Click on Web Hosting.
  3. Click on the Manage of the expiring hosting plan. A new window cPanel opens and click on Backup Wizard under Yes we will create a backup of our website first.
  4. Click on Backup, Click on Home Directory under Partial Backup (assuming that all basic files are in wordpress installation) Final step, Click on Home Directory under Download Option.
  5. Your website will be downloaded to your system with with file extension (filename.tar.gz)
  6. Follow the same steps to backup MySQL Database, it will be downloaded with file extension as (filename.sql.gz)

Restoring your website

  1. Follow Step 1 and 2 above.
  2. Click on the Manage of the newly purchased hosting plan which will open cPanel. Click on Backup Wizard under Click on Restore. Under Select Restore Type Select Home Directory. Select Choose file under Final step the backed up file from your system and click Upload.
  3. Follow the same steps to backup MySQL Database.
  4. Your files will be uploaded to your new Godaddy Web Hosting Plan.
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