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Clearing Snow in Himalayas

Paddar is one of the most treasured place for adventure tourism in District Kishtwar of the Himalayan sub-range. During winters the whole area blankets itself with beautiful snow cover. Click on the video above to see the process of clearing snow in this mountainous region.

Snowfall in Paddar

Clearing around 2 ft of snow from roof in Paddar

Posted by Paddar on Monday, March 6, 2017

Being a humble society economically, not all the houses afford to have steel sheets on their roofs. So, when there is snowfall, the family members have to clear out the snow from their roof manually. A very fun experience as it turns out to be during winters when there is not much outdoor activity to do.

Watch the video to see the snow clearing work in progress with the help of a wooden Oar. The snow cover appears to be of  around 2 ft in height. This Video is shot in Village Doordu of Ligri Panchayat.

Special thanks to Mr. Kuldeep Chauhan for providing this video.

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