Domestic Violence Helpline in J&K

To put a check on Domestic Violence in J&K UT, Women Resource Centre Social Welfare Department have laid out a few Standard Operating Procedure for Anganwadi workers/Helpers to act as contact persons to seek assistance.

Anganwadi Centre shall act as designated informal safe space and as the first point of contact of preferred for women where they can report Domestic Violence abuse without alerting the perpetrators.

Anganwadi worker shall be provided numbers and details of the District Women Helpline 181. Protection Officer and One Stop Centers (OSC), especially the Counsellor numbers for arranging, counselling and guidance to the affected Women/ Child.

The Anganwadi Workers during their house visit would i notice any abnormal behavioural, physical abuse marks and such noticeable activity, she would report to the protection officer (CDPO) immediately

They will provide an initial word of sympathy and shall immediately inform her COPO/Protection Officer. The COPO shall make a call on Women Helpline ‘181’ or Administration OSC and register a complaint along with details by mentioning name and address along with the contact number of the victim if available. Alternatively helpline number ‘100 can also be made use of.

Here are the details of One Stop Center Administrative Officers and Legal Aid Officers in all the Districts to be contacted in case of Domestic Violence in J&K.

In the interest of women welfare, kindly share this post so that the needy person can seek timely instance.


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