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Gulabgarh Paddar | Driving During Winters

A wonderful place to be at Gulabgarh Paddar during winters. I was lucky to be there in January this month and experienced a snowfall.

The trip was pre planned, coinciding with an accurate weather forecast for 24th January this year. I was eagerly waiting for it to snow the whole day, when it finally started showering snow flakes at around 4 PM.

Watch Video Below

The video was recorded the next afternoon. However, it did not snow heavily the night before and most of the snow eventually melted where there was direct sunlight.

Yet, we decided to take a our car for a spin towards Gulabgarh Sohal road and recorded this a bit.

Take yourself on this route if you are in Gulabgarh Paddar when it snows. The view from top of Sohal road is mesmerizing. One gets to see the whole valley from up there.

It is totally worth giving a shot.

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