Watch the Hanswar Waterfall Video in Paddar


Let me take you on a trip to a Hanswar waterfall in Paddar. We made a waterfall video and let me describe the entire trip in this post.

Hanswar is a small village near the famous tourist spot named Tatta Pani (local name) or it is translated as Hot water in the English language. It is located in District Kishtwar of J&K state in India.

Watch the Hanswar Waterfall Video to join us on an unforgettable trip 

How to reach Hanswar Waterfall?

There is a motorable link road connecting village Hanswar. The Link road takes an upward turn from the Kishtwar – Gulabgarh main road which takes you through the Tatta Pani Village towards Hanswar. We have also put up the actual waterfall pictures below.

Hanswar Waterfall Video Grab

This is the third village on the way towards Gulabgarh after Kirthai and Kijaie.

The link road to Hanswar was not in the best of condition when we took a trip towards our destination. So, we decided to hike our way towards the waterfall.

What is the best time to visit Hanswar Waterfall?

The best time to visit Hanswar waterfall is between the months of April to August. We visited this place in the month of August. The weather was pleasant when we filmed the waterfall video. The temperature ranges between 23 to 30 Degrees Celsius during this time of the year which makes it an ideal time to have fun with water.

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Why Hanswar?

Hanswar Village is in close proximity of the famous tourist destination called Tatta Pani in Paddar. Lakhs of pilgrims visit Tatta Pani in the month of August after their pilgrimage to Machail Mata Yatra. Let me mention it very proudly here that the Machail Yatra is the second highest annual popular Yatra in J&K in terms of the number of pilgrims visiting the Holy Shrine in Paddar.

View from Tatta Pani

View from Tatta Pani

Tatta Pani is a known destination where lakhs of pilgrims visit to take bath in the Hot water springs of Paddar. The water of Tatta Pani is also believed to have medicinal effects on skin and has been beneficial in treating many skin ailments.

It hardly takes 20 – 30 minutes on foot to reach Hanswar and 5 – 7 minutes by road to reach the Hanswar waterfall from TattaPani Village.

Visiting Tatta Pani and not seeing the famous waterfall of Paddar would really be a big miss for the adventure and thrill seeker in you.

Pro Tip – Do not go near the waterfall as the flow of the water is deafening and might scare your brains out. Do not take children with you as it is strictly adult business.

While making the waterfall video we took the utmost care to not stay near the fall for long as it was making a very frightening sound and decided to stay downstream of the waterfall.

Hanswar Water stream

Hanswar Water Stream

Why Do I Prefer Walking Over Driving to reach the Waterfall?

We walked our way towards the Waterfall from Tatta Pani. It is a short stretch but worth every step covering the entire distance on foot. During this time of the year, the nature comes alive in its full glory and we are presented with some mesmerizing views of Paddar valley from top of Tatta Pani village.

Tatta Pani being a water abundant place is one of the few paddy growing villages in Paddar. The beauty of terrace farming is visually very appealing to the eyes as the whole area has a green cover all around you. Hence, the sight could only be better experienced while we walked.

Hanswar Wooden Bridge

Hanswar Wooden Bridge

We used the old bridal pathways to reach Hanswar rather than taking up the motorable road. We also made across our journey through the Maize fields on our way towards the waterfall and also the wooden bridge that was constructed over the water stream in the village of Hanswar. Watch the waterfall video above the post.

Hanswar, being in the vicinity of the waterfall; the village has lots of small water streams flowing through the village which makes it a quintessential place for any water lover. Consequently, walking is very much preferred to sink in nature’s aura.

Hanswar in News

Hanswar is in the news from the past decade due to a proposed Mini Hydroelectric Power Project. It is planned to generate 6 MW of electricity.

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