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How to apply for State Subject in J&K. A Complete Guide.

State Subject or we call it Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) here in J&K.

Before going into the details regarding the process to apply for the State Subject in J&K, let us know about the Definition of State Subject or What is State Subject?

The term State Subject is defined by His Highness Maharaja Bahadur of J&K in IV classes.

  1. Class I

State Subject of Class 1 is defined as the persons who are born and are residing before the reign of His Highness Maharaja Gulab Singh in the State of J&K and are also settled permanently in the State before the year 1942.

  1. Class II

Class 2 State Subjects of J&K State are defined as the persons who have settled permanently in in the State of J&K before the year 1968 and have acquired immovable property.

  1. Class III

Class 3 State Subject of J&K are defined as the persons residing permanently in the state of J&K for not less than 10 years who have lawfully acquired the immovable property under permission of an Ijazatnama and on obtaining a Rayatnama.

  1. Class IV

These are defined as the companies which are lawfully registered in the State of J&K and bring financial and economic stability to the state are described as Class IV State Subjects of J&K.

What are the Documents required to make your State Subject of J&K State?

Here are the list of documents required to make State Subject of J&K along with the application-

  • Misal Hakiyat or Record of Right
  • Jamabandi or Copy of Annual Revenue Record
  • Photo Copy of Shajra Nasab (Pdigree Table)
  • Copy of Khasra Girdawri of Land & House
  • Voter List extract
  • Ration Card Copy
  • Copy of Mal Shumari
  • Extract of Khaka Dasti
  • Extract of Choola Bandi not less than 15 years
  • Unmarried Certificate for Ladies who are not Married.
  • Affidavit from applicant or from the father of the applicant (if minor) stating that the Applicant is Permanent Resident of J&K State and has not migrated to any other state.
  • Oral Statement of the Applicant and his father or Grandfather before Naib Tehsildar or Tehsildar Office stating that they are the Permanent Resident of J&K State. This statement will be recorded by the concerned official on a plain paper.
  • Two Oral Statements on a plain paper from any reasonable persons of the locality prefereably Numberdar and Chowkidar stating the applicant is Permanent Resident of J&K State.

While these above mentioned documents are used as the latest record for obtaining PRC of J&K, here are few other Documents required to ascertain the permanent resident status of the applicant. These are the Old records like

  • Form I-A or Alaf.

This is only required from the Displaced persons who migrated from the part of Jammu and Kashmir currently under the illegal occupation of Pakistan.

  • Jamabandi and Shajra Nasab before the year 2002 preferably from the year 1994 or 1995 or 1996/ 1936 or 1937 or 1938

Who is the authorized to issue Permanent Resident Certificates (PRC) in J&K?

  • Deputy Commissioner/ Additional Deputy Commissioner/ Assistant Commissioner (Revenue Department)/ Sub Divsional Magistrate (SDM) are authorized as competent authorities by the Government to issue PRC in J&K.
  • The PRC applications can also be accepted by the Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars of the far flung areas.

Check out the sample of State Subject Application Form below. Click on the image to enlarge it and download PRC Application Form.

Permanent Resident Certificate Form
Download the Permanent Resident Certificate Application Form

Click here to Download Permanent Resident Certificate Form in pdf format

Step by Step Procedure to Apply for PRC in J&K.

  • An application is presented to Tehsildar for seeking the PRC or State Subject. All the required documents for PRC mentioned above in the article along with two Green forms to be used as State Subject Certificate are to be attached with the application along with Rs.3 stamp.
  • Tehsildar marks the application and it is sent to Naib Tehsildar for verification and comments.
  • After satisfying the authenticity/fairness of the documents the application is again sent back to Tehsildar with Naib Tehsildar’s Stamp and Sign.
  • Tehsildar satisfies himself about the authenticity of the documents seeking to obtain the State Subject of J&K and then marks the application with sign and seal and is then sent forward to the competent authority for issuance of Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC).
  • The competent authority issues the PRC if everything is found OK in accordance with state subject rule else the application is returned back to Tehsildar with specific objections or doubts.

Can we apply for State Subject Online in J&K?

No. We can not apply for State Subject/Permanent Resident Certificate online here in J&K at the moment. The application for State Subject has to be presented in the office of Tehsildar or so we can say only offline mode is available.

Online State Subject application is neither available in Jammu nor Srinagar. We might have to wait for some more time before the PRC process comes up in online mode.

Here is the sample of Permanent Resident Certificate Format. The original PRC is printed on Legal (LGL) Paper which is green in color.

State Subject Format
Sample of State Subject Format

Where is PRC number on State Subject?

The PRC No or Permanent Resident Certificate Number of Jammu Kashmir is found on the stamp of the competent authority that issues the PRC. Let’s look at the figure below so that you can understand. Thank us later for this valuable information.

PRC Number on State Subject
PRC Number on State Subject
  • The Red Arrow marked as 1 in the picture above is the PRC number on State Subject.
  • The Yellow Arrow marked as 2 is the date when the application was presented to obtain State Subject Certificate in Tehsil Office.
  • The Blue Arrow Marked as 3 is the date your PRC is issued to you. In this case the Permanent Resident Certificate is issued by SDM Sub Divisional Magistrate.

Did You Know!

J&K is the only state in India which has two Constitutions and the state of J&K has its own flag. The Constitution of J&K was adopted on 17 November 1956 by the Constituent Assembly. The constitution of India also applies to the Jammu and Kashmir with some modifications and exceptions and in accordance with the Article 370. Technically, the people of J&K enjoy dual citizenship.

What are the J&K State Subject Rules with respect to women of the State of J&K?

A three Judge bench headed by Justice V Jhanji, T Doabia, M Jan of Hon’ble High Court of J&K pronounced a very important Judgment in the case “State of J&K vs Dr. Susheela Sawhney” dated 7th Oct 2002 with regard to the Permanent Residence of the women of J&K State. Here are a few of the significant details of the order below.

The first and most imperative one.

  • Will the woman lose her Permanent Resident status if she marries a Non Permanent Resident?

The woman or daughter of the Permanent Resident of Jammu and Kashmir will not lose her Permanent Resident status if she marries someone from outside the state of J&K. There is no such provision in the Constitution of J&K for that matter in the Notification 1-L/84 dated 20th April, 1927.

  • Will the Wife or Widow of the Husband acquire the same class State Subject as that of the Husband?

Yes, as long as the woman resides in the State of J&K and does not leave the State for permanent residence outside the state.

  • Will the woman lose her job if she marries a Non State Subject of J&K?

No. The woman will not lose her job if at the time of appointment she was a Permanent Resident of J&K and is married to Non Permanent Resident.

  • Does a Non Resident lady have the right to inherit the property on marrying a Kashmiri man or a person from Jammu region who are a State Subject of J&K?

Yes. A Non Resident wife will have all the rights to inherit the property on marrying a Kashmiri man who is a State Subject of J&K in accordance with the personal law.

  • Will I get the rights to own property in Jammu and Kashmir on marrying a Kashmiri girl?

No. You will not get the right to buy property in J&K on marrying a Kashmiri girl.

  • Can a Non Resident become a Voter in J&K?

No. A Non Resident cannot become a Voter. Only a Permanent Resident of the State can become a Voter in J&K.

  • Will a woman be disqualified from the Legislative Assembly if she loses her Permanent Resident Status?

Yes. A woman will stand disqualified as a member of Legislative Assembly if she marries someone from other Nationality and who is a Non Resident of J&K.

Also For You

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    • Two things.
      1. A declaration on a affidavit stating the facts.
      2. Notification in a local newspaper about your correct name.

      In addition to that all the documents that were given while applying for new State Subject will have to be attached once again and presented before the Tehsildar of your area.

      Hope that answers your query

  1. Visit office of The Tehsildar, Distt. Record Room (muhaafiz khanna) alongwith photocopy of prc/state subject to get the duplicate/attestted copy of the same.


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