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Instructions while travelling to Machail

Are you Travelling to Machail in Paddar?

Here is a list of important instructions to follow if you happen to be travelling to Machail.

  1. For your own comfort do not forget to carry a blanket, torch, umbrella, wind cheater and warm clothings with you before you head to Machail.
  2. Despite arrangements of free food services (Langar) at various places en route Gulabgarh – Machail don’t forget to carry food with you.
  3. Do not waste food that you eat at Langar points. Have only the required amount of food that you can finish. Do respect the food.
  4. Keep a special care of cleanliness on the way towards Bhavan. Do not defecate in in fields. Make use of toilet facilities provided by Sanstha.Do not bathe near river streams. The current is too rapid and cold, it could prove dangerous.

5. If travelling in Buses, do not travel on top of the vehicle. It is dangerous. You might get hit with a rock.

6. While paying obeisance at the temple make sure you follow the queue. Give preference to the elderly and children in performing the darshan.

7. Carrying unauthorized arms and drugs is prohibited. If caught you will face the strictest of punishment.

8. Be helpful towards senior citizens, children and anyone who is needy.

9. Start your journey early. It is not advisable to travel to Paddar after 5 PM from Kishtwar and vice versa.

10. Do inform about any unattended or suspicious item to the security personnel  immediately.

11. Do greet fellow pilgrims with holy chants.

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Wishing you a happy journey.
Jai Mata Di

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