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Thursday, June 1, 2023

OFC not feasible to provide communication in Paddar, BSNL says. 

This post is a follow up of our previous post in which we exercised our Right to Information (RTI). We questioned BSNL for the poor services it offers in Paddar in the interest of the masses who have silently been suffering at the hands of state owned BSNL since 8 long years.

Although, we couldn’t get all the information that we previously sought; consequently we decided to hunt down the information through Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Mechanism System (CPGRAMS). It’s an online platform to redress the grievances of the citizens. We got a response in 17 days of filing our grievance.

While most of the questions regarding the poor service of BSNL were asked in RTI, we asked a straight forward question, whether a common man of Paddar will ever enjoy a basic 2G Internet service and seamless voice calls? Here is the response:

BSNL Paddar Response
BSNL response

With a response like that are we the people of Paddar to believe that our services are not being upgraded in the near future? Respond in the comments section below.

Interesting fact: Kerala has become the first state in India to have Internet access as a basic right.

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  1. i don’t think BSNL will ever respond to us ….
    so stop wasting time on requesting to BSNL try asking other telecom companies like Airtel etc…….

  2. Unless Government takes personal interest in the matter I dont think the situation is going to improve any time soon.

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