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New Paddar Constituency Draft | Our Reservations


The Chairman Delimitation Commission.

We the poor public of Sub-Division Paddar and Tehsil Nagseni are highly thankful to your good self for granting a separate Paddar Constituency, carving it out of Kishtwar – constituency, creating a history of its kind, enabling us to have our own law maker in the Assembly of J&K for shaping our destiny and ensuring all round development. In this regard we have some reservations which are summed up below for kind considerations at your just and august hands: –

  1. That we were promised a separate constituency area for Sub-Division Paddar including the area of adjoining Tehsil Nagseni.
  2. That the recommendations of Delimitation Commission show attachment of Pochal area of Kishtwar constituency situated at zero distance from District Headquarter Kishtwar and throwing it to Paddar at a distance of more than 60 Kms from Kishtwar which can never be justified from any given parameters of delimitation.
Paddar Assembly Constituency Draft Recommendation
Paddar Assembly Constituency Draft Recommendation
  1. That the said Pochal area proposed to be attached with Paddar constituency has a huge population of 10,542 souls for the year 2011. This huge population seems to have been attached with Paddar, with a well knit design to destabilize the temperament of Paddar/Nagseni electrorates and subjugate to the political whims making us dance to their tunes as per past practice making it meaningless to have a separate constituency.
  2. That there is a great discontentment in the whole area of Sub-Division Paddar and Tehsil Nagseni over this and want a deep re – consideration on the issue at the earliest.
  3. That with the present proposition, the distance of earlier constituency remaining the same and people feel no respite from the delimitation of 1978 or of 1995 of previous NC or Congress dispensation.
  4. That people of the area have virtually pinned high hopes of justice taking it now or never situation in this era of equity and justice after 74 years of independence.

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In view of the above you are humbly prayed to kindly reconsider the matter personally and deeply utilizing your good offices in the larger interest of the public of the area.

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