Paddar road damaged

The road connecting Paddar with Kishtwar has been in a very bad state all through the winter season that passed and still the situation seems to be not improving due to the incessant rains that washed away a major chunk of road near Galhar.


It’s almost been a week since the road got damaged and the people travelling to Paddar or Kishtwar have no other option than to walk on foot through the dilapidated stretch to board the vehicle for their onward journey. Moreover there has been a shortage of Petrol, Diesel and other essential commodities in the area which is causing great inconvenience to the public of Paddar.

The earth moving machinery is busy in clearing the road but the pace has been slow. The concerned authority is requested to kindly look into the matter and speed up the process of clearing the lifeline of Paddar.

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2 thoughts on “Paddar road damaged”

  1. Subhash Sharma

    Help these poor souls government. R&B minister is from your area right?

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