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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Pathetic services of BSNL in Paddar

At present Paddar area is connected by road just upto Gulabgarh. The road connects 6 Panchayats as against 13 so far. BSNL is the sole provider of mobile communication in Paddar. It has erected only 2 mobile towers of which only one towers remains functional most of the time. The functional tower at Atholi covers the areas of the Panchayats which are connected by the road. The services of  BSNL becomes worse during the famous Machail Yatra when lakhs of devotees throng the area between July to September every year.

The local public of the area have time and again been agitating and sitting on Dharnas on several occasions against the most poor & defective services of the BSNL but yielding no fruits. The continuous disruption of calls has put a huge burden and caused great annoyance to the hapless consumers. Besides avoidable encumbrance to the poor people who feel fleeced. Things get worse when the mobile towers become defunct for several days altogether on the pretext of electricity faults or unavailability of Diesel to run the Gensets.

The whole population of Tehsil/ Block Paddar have more than 5000 mobile connections. The consumers are badly fed up with the poor services of BSNL and find no ray of hope of improvement in the near future since its inception about 10 years back. The consumers are still deprived of various services which BSNL boasts to offer such as Internet and Fax.

It is urged upon the concerned authorities to look into the genuine grievance of the local public and take immediate remedial steps.

Update :

There is a news doing the rounds that government has decided to grant 58 mobile towers in Kishtwar district. Among these 6 will be installed in Paddar area.

Also a “Very High Frequency” mobile tower was already sanctioned last year for Machail area.

For the time being we will have to wait and watch how early we the people of Paddar will be relieved of this mess of BSNL. Thank you Kuldeep for tipping us in Forums.

Sound off in the comments below if you share the concern.

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  1. No doubt, the BSNL is a defunct player in Paddar. I was there last year during the Machail Yatra and had to face a lot problems due to this irritant service provider. Good Luck to you guys. I share your grief.

  2. Its the same problem of BSNL everywhere here in J&K. People are fed up with this nonsense service provider. We have high hopes from the new government. While the people are moving to 4G in cities the conditions of Villages is miserable.

  3. We are all the sufferers. Thanks to BSNL. Not at all best hai mere liye. Infact worst hai. Get your services right BSNL as poor people are suffering.

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