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Pity plight of education in rural areas of J&K

The educational standard in rural and distant areas of the state has gone to its lowest level. There are so many factors responsible for the deterioration of quality education as under:

1. Attachment of teachers:-
So many schools including High Schools, Middle Schools and Primary Schools are under staffed. Generally the influential teachers escape themselves from rendering duties in far off schools and by getting themselves attached in offices or nearest schools having road connectivity. Consequently, such schools are left in lurch resulting in bad to worse education in schools.

2. Lack of Teacher-Parent Cooperation and Coordination:-

Generally the government schools in rural areas have become “Certificate Issuing Agency”. The pedagogical work has become formal. The parents never bother to approach school teachers regarding quality education to their children. They have so many irons in the fire to earn the livelihood. The teachers too have confined their duties as “Sarkari Sabaq” setting aside dedication and sanctity of the profession.

3. Serving Mid-Day Meals:-

The Mid-Day Meal has become a hindrance in pedagogy of schools. One of the teachers is engaged in collecting ration items from Z.E.O’s office and various shops. He becomes more of a storekeeper than a teacher. The time table of school suffers badly in this process resulting poor educational standard of children.

4. Lack of efficiency and sense of duty among teachers:-

Generally the teachers have garbed the sacred profession for their sustenance and livelihood by setting the auspicious task of imparting education to poor children of villages at naught. Gone are the days when a teacher used to enter the class after duly pre-prepared lesson. Delivering a lesson in the class before its preparation is least effective. This leads sto poor and formal education in Government Schools.

5. Refresher course for the teachers at Zonal level:-

The D.Ed and B.Ed have become formal. There is sheer necessity of regular trainings at intervals at Zonal level so that the modern techniques and methods be adopted to boost up the educational standards in rural areas.

Above all, these factors the sense of duty and regularity in work of a teacher and thus is responsible for the present crisis in education which has given birth to test screening of teachers. No doubt, it is a blot on the bleached uniform of a teacher.

About the Author

The author of the article is Mr. N.L.Chauhan. He is a retired Headmaster and current Sarpanch of Village Ligri. He did his B.Ed from University of Jammu and is the first graduate from Paddar. 

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  1. Thanks Mr. N L Chouan . You have arisen the problem which relates to quality of education because it is very serious matter for present and future generation …of Paddar. The quality of education gone degrade day by day.

    In every part of govt.education system in max. Part corruption exists…In school a teacher should not do honestly duty …Some teacher are not follow the timetable of opening and closing of school. They follow own time table according to own term and condition …it happen in backward area……
    There are lot of question ….but what we get from the question these are some question if when we think on it.then we able to make a right system to some extent
    1. think how to solve the problem. Which relate to corrupt teacher , quality of education. ..etc
    2. how to make system
    3. how to attract the people toward govt. Institution
    4. How to increase the quality of education in govt . school.
    5. How to stop or make straight corrupt person or teacher.

    All thing gone correct with one treatment if the regional people got up against them….


  2. As a matter of fact it is known to all of us, nevertheless we don’t take any action…people don’t take it seriously rather they r busy doing their jobs perhaps for making all ends meet..but ,,,,chalta hai,,,, word is still rampant here …. horrible excuse for horrible state…….Awareness of rules and knowledge of responsibities only can bring out a phenomenon change in the system of Paddar.

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