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New rate list of liquor in Jammu 2022

Check out the new rate list of liquor in Jammu 2022 here.

WhiskyMRP for 750ml
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky2035
Black Dog Centenary Black Aged &Rare Blended Scotch Whisky1515
Black & White Blended Scotch Whisky1330
Antiquity Blue Ultra Premium Whisky1330
Vat 69 Blended Scotch Whisky1215
Signature Rare Aged Whisky865
Sailor Fine Whisky465
McDowell’s No.1 Luxury Premium Whisky580
McDowell’s No.1 Platinum Classic Whisky660
All Season Golden Collection Reserve Whisky550
Dennis Special Whisky550
Teacher’s Highland Cream Blended Scotch Whisky1405
Teacher’s 50 Scottish Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky1905
Teacher’s Origin Blended Scotch Whisky2135
Teacher’s Golden Thistle 12 YO Blended Scotch Whisky1365
The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch |Whisky3860
Chivas Regal Aged 12 Years Blended Scotch Whisky3160
Ballantine’s Finest Blended Scotch Whisky1605
Jameson Irish Whisky1965
Seagram’s Imperial Blue Hand Picked Grain Whisky605
Golfer’s Shot Barrel Aged Whisky855
Diplomat Deluxe Whisky465
Soulmate Premium Whisky565
Bagpiper Deluxe Whisky525
McDowell’s Green Label Whisky525
Aristocrat Premium Whisky600
AC Black Pure Grain Whisky630
Royal challenge Gold Whisky655
McDowell’s No.1 Reserve Whisky605
OB Special Whisky425
Seagram’s Blenders Pride Ultra Premium Whisky895
Devans Old Vat Premier Blended Whisky655
Devans Old Vat Reserve Premium Blended Whisky655
Devans Old Vat Ultra Premium Blended Whisky655
Devans Old Vat Premium Blended Whisky655
Devans Master Barrel Premium Whisky615
Chenab Whisky410
Ranson Club Whisky410
Black Angel Reserve Malted Whisky525
Big Boss Premium Whisky465
Kerala Malted Whisky465
Bonnie Special Whisky465
Madeira No.1 Special Whisky465
Madeira No.1 XXX Whisky465
HM Real Premium Whisky465
Royal Club Fine Whisky410
Hayward’s Punch Fine Whisky425
Sargam Whisky410
Double Horse Malted Whisky410
Knight No.1 Special Whisky410
Paan Banarasi Liqueur490
Lucknavi Paan Elaichi Liqueur500
Pan Elaichi Special Paradise Liqueur460
ILA Pan Elaichi Liqueur490
Whisky Rate list in Jammu 2022

How much liquor can i carry in Jammu and Kashmir?

According to Jammu and Kashmir Excise Department, a person can carry 12 bottles of 750ml capacity or Twenty Four Pints/Pouches each of the capacity of 375ML or Thirty Six Pouches each of the capacity of 250ML or Fifty Pouches or 48 bottles each of the capacity of 180ML in Jammu and Kashmir.

Advice : Always keep a proper receipt/bill of your purchase to avoid trouble with law.

VodkaMRP for 750ml
Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka815
Spark Green Apple Premium Grain Vodka525
Spark Premium Grain Vodka490
Magic Moment Remix Green Apple Flavoured Vodka680
Magic Moment Remix Chocolate Flavoured Vodka680
Magic Moment Remix Lemon Grass and Ginger Flavoured Vodka680
Blue Eyes Pure Grain Vodka545
Knight Rider Premium Vodka515
Knight Rider Premium Green Apple Vodka495
Absolut Citron Lemon Flavoured Vodka1725
Absolut Vodka1600
V20 Green Apple Vodka595
White Mischief Ultra Pure Vodka510
Premium Romanov Vodka530
CE Bite The Apple Vodka Premium640
DD Vodka510
DD Green Apple Flavoured Vodka480
Shekers Premium Tripple Distilled Grain Vodka510
Vodka New Price list in Jammu 2022
RUM and BrandyMRP for 750ml
Commander n Chief Caribean Gold xxx Rum515
Bacardi Carta Blanca Superior White Rum885
Beach House XXX Premium Rum515
McDowell’s No.1 Celebration XXX Rum520
Old Monk XXX Rum485
Old Monk Supreme XXX Rum600
Old Monk Extra Special XXX Rum515
Chenab XXX Rum410
Ranson Club XXX Rum410
Old Monk Legend XXX Rum960
Olde Adventure Rum465
Royal Club XXX Rum410
Sargam XXX Rum410
Kashmir XXX Rum410
Standard XXX Rum410
Double Cross XXX Rum410
Samba XXX Rum410
Chinar XXX Rum410
Mission Kashmir XXX Rum410
Morpheus XO Blended Premium Brandy885
Nicol’s Black and Gold French Brandy VSOP600
Heniskot Blended Grape Brandy550
GINMRP for 750ml
Paradise Duet Premix Gin Lime Flavoured470
DD Duet Premix Gin (Lemon Flavoured)465
Famous Original Fantasy Gin445
Carew’s Dry Gin440
Mc Dowell’s Blue Riband Duet Gin & Lime Flavoured500
Chenab Dry Gin380
Ranson Club Dry Gin380
Ranson Club Orange Flavoured Premix Gin380
Madeira Extra Dry Gin380
Sargam Dry Gin380
Kashmir Orange Flavoured Premix Gin410
Kashmir Dry Gin380
Shalimar Dry Gin380
Chenab Orange Flavoured Premix Gin380
OB Dry Gin380
OB Orange Flavoured Premix Gin380
Gin Rate List in Jammu 2022
Carlsberg Elephant Strong Beer (Glass)195
Carlsberg Elephant Strong Beer (Tin)160
Kingfisher Strong Premium Beer (Tin)115
Jacob’s Creek Classic Shiraz Cabernet Wine1140
Jacobs Creek  Classic Chardonnay Wine1140
Breezer Cranberry80
Breezer Jamaican Passion80
Breezer Blackberry Crush80
Breezer Orange80

For latest updates and information visit J&K Excise and Taxation Department website

Also Read RTO Codes in J&K

Type your queries in the comments below for the product you don’t find in the list. We shall try to find the latest price list of liquor in Jammu for you.

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