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J&K Panchayat Elections 2018 Schedule and Population detail of Paddar

The J&k Panchayat Elections 2018 Schedule.

The J&K Panchayat Elections 2018 are to be held in nine phases across the state starting from 17th of November 2018 and ending on 11th of December 2018. The counting of votes shall also be taken up on the day of the poll.

Schedule of Panchayat Elections in J&K 2018

The Panchayat Elections 2018 in J&k was to kick start from 15th Feb 2018. The announcement was made by the CM Mehbooba Mufti which had almost set the poll process in motion.

The Panchayat Elections in J&K was to see the light of the day after 2 years. The Panchayats in J&K were dissolved in the year 2016 after the completion of 5 years since 2011.


After December 2017 a lot of political instablity took over and the infamous coalition of BJP-PDP government fell apart. The BJP pulled out of the Government in June 2018 which led to collapse of the elected government.

Also the term of the Governor N.N. Vohra wast to end on 25th of June 2018 and the center seemed to be in no mood to give another extension to the outgoing Governor who had served as J&K Governor for a more than a decade.

Satya Paul Malik was appointed the new Governor of J&K in August 2018 and the exercise for Panchayat Elections in J&K was once again set in process.

How will the Sarpanch be elected in J&K?

The Sarpanch will be directly chosen by the people by voting. Making amendments in the previous controversial rule where the Panchs had the privilege to chose the Sarpanch; this rule was striked off and the people will have the ultimate authority in choosing their Panch and Sarpanch.

The candidates will also have to maintain an election expenditure register which will be given to the candidates on the day of filing their nomination. The candidates will make their day to day expenditure entries in the register till the date of election result.

The total amount of money that a candidate for the post of Sarpanch can exhaust has been set to Rs.20,000 whereas that for the post of Panch has been set at Rs.5000.

The exercise of delimiting the Panch wards had been completed and the final notice was issued back then for the proposed Reserved Seats for the post of Sarpanch. The population detail of Paddar in respect of the upcoming Panchayat elections in J&K is provided to you by the infographics given below. The data provided is according to 2011 census.

What is the total Number of Panchayat Halqas in Jammu and Kashmir?

There are a total of 4490 Panchayat Halqas in J&K out of which Jammu has 2121 Halqa Panchayats and Kashmir has a share of totaling 2369 Halqa Panchayats.

Panchayat Halqas in J&K

Now, lets get into the details of our local body figures in Paddar.

  • There are 13 Panchayats in Paddar.
  • The total population of Paddar is 22,048 souls.
  • The most populous Panchayat in Paddar is Ligri with 2,436 souls.
  • The least populous Panchayat is Tun with 959 souls.

The Sarpanch Constituencies have been reserved under the Provisions of Panchayati Raj Act 1989 and Rules 1996 amended upto year 2017. The reserved constituencies will follow the roster pattern of 1, 4, 7, 10, 13 and so on during this Panchayat Elections. As also, the 33% reserved Panch constituencies for Women will also adopt the same roster Pattern.

panchayat election data paddar

  • The highest Population of Scheduled Tribe (ST) category in Paddar is from Machail Panchayat with 1049 souls.
  • Panchayats like Affani, Atholi, Ishtiyari, Kundal ,Ligri, Massu, Palaali and Tiyari have no ST population.
  • The Highest population of Scheduled Cast Category (SC) in Paddar is from Kundal with 300 Souls and the lowest is from Village Tun in Gandhari with 41 souls.


Reserved Constituencies for Women in Paddar

There are 4 Panchayat constituencies in Paddar reserved for women namely Affani, Ishtiyari, Ligri and Palaali.

Open Constituencies and Scheduled Tribe Category in Paddar

Panchayat Atholi, Gulabgarh, Jar, Kundal, Massu, Sohal, Tun and Tiyari are Open Category Constituencies whereas Machail Panchayat is reserved for ST Category.

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