Result Paddar Panchayats

Complete Result of Panchayat Elections from Paddar

The result of Panchayat Elections from Paddar is out. The whole exercise of Panchayat elections concluded peacefully yesterday in every Panchayat of Paddar. The people of Paddar participated in the democratic process devotedly and chose to elect their representative who will be serving for the betterment of their respective Panchayat bodies for another 5 years.

Here is the complete result of Panchayat Elections from Paddar.

1.GulabgarhManohar Lal
2.AtholiArpan Rana
3.AffaniPooja Devi
4.JarLekh Raj
5.SohalRajinder Chauhan
6.GandhariRaj Kumar
7.LigriAnju Devi
9.KundalJia Lal
10.MassuSeri Lal
11.PalaaliVijay Lakshmi
12.IshtiyariRuchi Devi
13.TiyariSpashla Devi

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Check out live video shot on our Page from Atholi Panchayat during the counting of votes from Atholi Panchayat.

Polling was stopped in Atholi Panchayat on finding out about the unsealed ballot box of Ward C due to negligence of the authorities concerned. Despite a minor hiccup, it was then decided to conduct the re-polling for the particular Ward today from 8 AM to 2 PM. Here is the detail of Atholi Panchayat.

Panchayat atholi

With the poll process complete, here is the detail regarding the funds earmarked for each Panchayat during 2019-2020. See the infographic below. Source – Rural Development Department Jammu & Kashmir.

Funds for Paddar Panchayats

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