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5 Roads Sanctioned Under PMGSY In Paddar

Considering 2017-2018 a new beginning, it has turned out as a great hope that 5 roads have been sanctioned under PMGSY in Paddar

Paddar being a mountainous and a very remote area has been lacking the road infrastructure projects since independence. Due to non connectivity by road the pace of development in Paddar has remained slow or it would be appropriate to call it non existent.

Several projects have been sanctioned over the years under Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojna (PMGSY) and were also tendered out in 2016 but all these projects could not see the light of the day and no work was seen at the ground level except for TattaPani Road which commenced last year. Due to the reasons best known to the authorities, Paddar remained immobile.

PMGSY Roads Paddar

Here is the complete detail of roads sanctioned under PMGSY in Paddar

Shiwas to Ongayee

Shiwas Ongayee
Source PMGSY
  • Road Length 20 Kms
  • Total Cost of the Project – 2023.67 Lakhs

Shashoo to Sazar

Shashoo Sazar
Source PMGSY
  • Road Length – 7.5 Kms
  • Total Cost of the Project – 753.45 Lakhs

Palali to Machail

Palali Machail
Source PMGSY
  • Road Length – 13.5 Kms
  • Total Cost of the Project – 903.9 Lakhs

Shiwas to Gandhari

Shiwas Gandhari
Source PMGSY
  • Road Length – 16 Kms
  • Total Cost of the Project – 1134 Lakhs

Afani to Jar

Afani Jar

  • Road Length – 4.5 Kms
  • Total Cost of the Project – 469.04 Lakhs

We also managed to stumble upon very interesting figures of per kilometer construction cost of roads in Paddar under PMGSY over the years from 2005-2018. Have a look at the image below

Paddar Road Cost
Source PMGSY
  • As it is evident from the figures, we can see the escalation of cost for Gulabgarh – Ligri Road from 14.23 Lakhs/Km to 45.17 Lakhs/Km over 7 years.
  • Shiwas – Ongayee is the most expensive road as per the cost per kilometer construction which stands at 65.06 lakhs, closely followed by Sohal – Chito at 63.41 Lakhs/Km and Shashoo – Sazar at 62.25 Lakhs/km.
  • Sohal to Kaban is the longest road in Paddar under PMGSY work at 21 Kms , followed by Shiwas to Ongayee at 20 Kms.

Author’s Take

I am very hopeful that the road projects in Paddar kick start on time and most importantly are completed in a time bound manner. Roads are the backbone of all over development of an area. I believe that construction of roads will bring a colossal change in bringing the social benefit schemes of the government rapidly to the ground level of every citizen and reshape the economy of Paddar.

Additionally, it will open up access to the medical care, employment, education and tourism. Our picturesque landscapes, otherwise hidden and we use the word VIRGIN to describe Paddar will be accessible to the world and we can develop as a major tourist destination in the world.

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  1. Great article. Your information tidbits are really going to bring revolutions in the informative world of Paddar.

    • Thank you Ashish. Hope to bring all the like minded and progressive people like you onboard our website and share the positivity around us. And the world is waiting for your next article dear.

  2. Let’s start by saying people often say Highway or Noway, and gradually our PMGSY highway are coming into action n government is looking keen for building these.I consciously use Highway coz road open door for everything, it connect collaborate n celebrate the dynamics of future.Trusting n optimistic to see things happening in very near future in our Paddar.


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