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Sharoth Dhaar Paddar | 12 Stunning Photos

One of the astounding places to visit in summers is Sharoth Dhaar Paddar. Dhaar or Meadows as it is called in english are the most beautiful pasture lands of our area used for grazing of our domesticated animals during summers.

Here we present you with some breathtaking pictures of our trip to this amazing wonderland called Sharoth Dhaar.

Jwala Mata Temple, Shachool Atholi

The first stop towards Sharoth Dhaar. We rest at at a place called Shachool near Atholi. It is a sacred place and highly revered place for the locals. The Temple here is famously known as Jwala Mata Mandir.

Midway Halt at “Manmein”

We set out on our journey late in the day and missed our target of reaching at the top of Sharoth Dhaar the same day. It was already 6 in the evening and we were just midway towards destination. The daylight was receding quickly and after a lots of arguments we made a decision to halt here at a makeshift stone hut which was not being used that day. A wise decision though.

Sharoth Dhaar first visuals. Water Stream towards Atholi and adjacent villages.

We started early by 6 in the morning. After a climb of 4 hours we have first visuals of the meadow. The stream that you see runs down the mountains to reach Atholi and Kundal areas below. The water is ice cold and we decided to freshen up and wash off the sweat from our faces.

Doemsticated Cows and Horses grazing at the meadow.

Animals grazing in the meadows was a sight that I had just seen on the calenders or posters but seeing it with your own was truly magical. The cows and other domesticated animals climb up the mountains during summers where the grass is literally greener. They are accompanied by men who take care of these mammals called “Puhaal” in local language.

Feeling God. View of Paddar valley from the top of Sharoth Dhaar.

No other feeling can define this moment than looking down below into the valley from top of the world. There is tranquility, fresh air, coos of animals and chirping of birds. You truly connect with your inner self when you reach at the top. The climb to the top of Sharoth Dhaar is tough but worth every step taken forward.

Views of Road through Sohal and Kabban.

The road below is Kishtwar Tandi Road that passes through Sohal in this photo and the Zig that is carved towards top is the under construction road to village Kabban, Paddar.

A very hospitable stay at Sharoth Dhaar with freshly brewed Lassi and Makki Di Roti and Chutney

After an exhaustive trek to the top we were greeted by the local caretakers of the meadows with Makki Ki Roti freshly made Lassi along with hot and spicy Chutney. We were lucky to have received food just at the right time to fill our bellies which were craving for food. A fine moment captured on camera.

Watch the Video of Sharoth Dhaar Paddar from our Paddar Facebook Page

Views of Chenab below near Atholi and Gulabgarh.

This beautiful place also has a very disturbing past when 13 innocent men were martyred. On 3rd of August 2001, Pakistani sponsored terrorists gunned down local “Puhals” of Atholi and Kundal villages. This day is marked as a black day in the history of Paddar.

As the saying goes “the show must go on” we the people of Paddar have risen up and fought against the odds to live our lives without fear.

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The distance of the trek is exhaustive 10-12 kms from Atholi, But definitely worth every step taken to the top. Try to cover the distance in 2 days after halting midway to revive your energy levels and enjoy the scenic trek through the jungle. Take this joiurney with the group of friends and ample food supply for the trip. Best time to visit June - Spetember.Sharoth Dhaar Paddar | 12 Stunning Photos