One of the long pending demands of Paddar regarding the construction of roads seems to materialize as PMGSY has finally floated e-Tenders for not one but three works in the area. The roads for which the bids are invited are: (A) Kundal to Afani (B) Sohal to Kaban (C) Sohal to Chito. The roads are very vital for the comprehensive development of these areas which are disconnected from the rest of the world since 70 years of independence despite substantial flow of tourists during summers. Kaban, which is a trekkers’ paradise is visited by mountaineers from all around the world to scale the heights and experience the natural bliss that this place offers at the first hand. Chitto, is famous for its religious pilgrimage. Thousands of pilgrims visit this place during the months of June to August to offer their devotion to the Goddess Singhasan Mata. Last but not the least, the road to Afani from Kundal takes us to the hot water springs in Village Tatta Pani. A reason to rejoice! The last date of the bids is 27-09-2016.

Here Are The Project Details

Kundal to Afani
Project cost in lacs = 341.50
Length – 5.95 Kms
Completion time – 12 months

Sohal to Kaban
Project cost in lacs = 2034.89
Length – 21Kms
Completion time – 18 months

Sohal to Chito
Project cost in lacs = 1222.49
Length – 12.1 Kms
Completion time – 18 months

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