Top 10 Newspapers in J&K

We have compiled a list of Top 10 Leading Newspapers in J&K (2021) based on the search volume on Google.

Did you know that Ranbir was the first newspaper published in Jammu and Kashmir? It was an Urdu Daily and founded on 24 June 1924. Ranbir was published from Jammu and Lala MulkRaj Saraf was the founder of the daily.

Now, coming to today’s time. We will get to know about popular Jammu Newspapers and Top Srinagar News papers in this post.

Here is a list of leading newspapers in J&K.

S. No. Newspaper/Language Published From
1. Greater Kashmir (English) Srinagar
2. Kashmir Uzma (Urdu) Srinagar
3. Daily Excelsior (English) Jammu
4. Rising Kashmir (English) Srinagar
5. Early Times (English) Jammu
6. Kashmir Life (English) Srinagar
7. Srinagar Times (Urdu) Srinagar
8. Kashmir Reader (English) Srinagar
9. State Times (English) Jammu
10. Aftab (Urdu) Srinagar

According to Department of Information and Public Relations, there are 201 Newspapers published from Jammu and 171 Newspapers published from Kashmir Division.


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The total number of Newspapers published from Jammu and Kashmir is a whopping 372. This includes the Daily/Bi-weeklies/Weeklies/ Fortnightlies/ Monthly/ Quarterly Newspapers/ Magazines.

Daily Excelsior is the most circulated daily in Jammu whereas Greater Kashmir has a strong reader base in Kashmir.

Coming by the numbers in Search Volume/month by Google, here is the list of popular newspapers in J&K 2021

Newspapers in J&K

Amar Ujala is another popular Hindi Daily which is published from Jammu and has a great reader base in the Hindi speaking region of Jammu.

Since the exact volume of Amar Ujala could not be found for Jammu and Kashmir we decided to skip it from the list. However, it is a National Daily which has humongous circulation in North Indian States.

Let us get into the region specifics of the Top Newspapers in Jammu. Here are the Top 5 Jammu based Newspapers published Daily

S. No. Jammu Newspapers
1. Daily Excelsior
2. Kashmir Times
3. State Times
4. Early Times
5. Amar Ujala

So that was our list of newspapers in J&K. Which newspaper do you read to start your day in J&K?

Tell us in the comments section below.


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