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Vulnerable fate of Women and defunct Tourism Policy in Chenab Valley

It is irony of fate that women folk, in the era of Women Empowerment, in all spheres of life and in all constitutional institutions or even in social organizations, women stand neglected and either case seems confined to Govt. slogans or advertisement, posters or hoardings etc.

It is for everyone to know and is no hidden fact, be it higher reaches of Machail, Tun, Ishtiyari of Sub-Division Paddar or Joura-Kalan of Sub-Division Thatri, Kither Patnazi, or Marwah-Warwan of Distt. Kishtwar or Neel -Khari of Distt. Ramban etc. women face the brunt when falling seriously ill or when a woman is pregnant.  

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A lady can’t get medical facility due to the hilly terraneous inaccessibility, as it happened in Machail Tehsil of Sub-Division Paddar last week. When a young lady our Late Madhu Devi w/o Girdhari Singh of Machail Village died while delivering a child due to non-availability of Medical aid particularly during snowy harsh weather conditions, and lack of proper medical facilities.

Adding to the woes, during last 74 years, it is a big shame for the successive Governments that be, that they have abysmally and miserably failed to provide basic need of life; the health facility to its citizens in towns not to speak of Snow bound, Hilly, inaccessible and remote areas.

We find it sad to know that in Sub-Division Paddar of Distt. Kishtwar, 14 doctors are posted in the PHC’s -Massu, Atholi and Sohal, but hardly one or two doctors are available for treating patients at any given time throughout the year, who are at the mercy of God. But to make matters worse, the medical mishaps such as deaths during the delivery of a child are brushed under the carpet every single time and no responsibility is fixed by the administration. We dare for on spot inquiry but who will bell the cat?

It is disheartening and equally disappointing for us to realize that Chenab valley is being discriminated in the field of tourism too. Sadly, after the movie “Noori” entire Chenab valley has been closed for film tourism despite the fact that dozens of spots with mesmerizing natural beauty like Machail, Barnaz Valley, Gandhari etc in Sub-Division Paddar have vast potential to attract films & tourism pilgrimage.

It is urgently demanded that the list prepared by the Govt. in connection with Film Policy announced recently to include some spots for tourism pilgrimage must include the above noted spots of Sub-Division Paddar of Chenab Valley in the larger interest of poor people of the area, for their all round development.

During the past 74 years, various health and education Institutions have been opened in the area with an eye on creating vote bank rather than strengthening the basic infrastructure.

We appeal to the L.G. administration to look deep into the whole messy affair and take steps to review the system after taking local representatives into confidence, rising above the vote politics.

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