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Explained Weather in Paddar & Best time to Visit Paddar.

Paddar experiences monsoon from July to Mid-September. Hence, the period of July to Mid-September is usually the best time time to visit Paddar to explore.

Why is this the best time to visit Paddar?

It is that time of the year when the low-lying areas heat up considerably and tourists’ footfall increases in Paddar Valley. There is one strong reason to believe it is the best time to visit Paddar during the month of August due to the fact that the famous Machail Mata Yatra commences this month. There is a huge upsurge of tourists to Paddar and it is a great festivities time for the area.

The route through Gulabgarh, Paddar is one of the most sought-after biking routes in J&K which connects District Kishtwar of J&K to Pangi in Himachal Pradesh. During the summer season, Paddar also witnesses a huge influx of bikers who are frequently seen zooming on the Kishtwar-Gulabgarh-Pangi route.

The warm weather in Paddar also opens up many adventurous trekking routes during this season which are usually closed during the winters.

Let’s talk about the temperature and the Gulabgarh Paddar weather?

We talk about the Gulabgarh Paddar weather as a reference point to describe the weather in Paddar because of its central location and the popularity of the place among travelers.

Gulabgarh Temperature Graph

The temperature nestles between a minimum of 5 Degrees Celsius to 22 Degrees Celsius from April to May and rises to a minimum of 10 to 25 Degrees Celsius from May to June. It is during the months of May-June when the trekkers and hikers can scale up the mountains or visit the grazing lands up in the higher reaches of the Paddar valley.

A window of these two months is considered an ideal season before the onset of monsoon rains when it usually becomes a bit difficult to climb mountains due to the slippery conditions.

But nevertheless, you can always enjoy the monsoon weather in Paddar in the low-lying areas of Atholi, Gulabgarh, Tattapani, and its adjoining areas. Check the weather of Atholi here.

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Weather in Paddar during Monsoon

The temperature during the monsoon season in Paddar ranges between 15 to 30 Degrees Celsius in the months of July and August. You can have a great time visiting Paddar during monsoon as it is very humid during this time of the year in the plains. The weather can be really unpredictable here and you never know how the weather in Paddar tommorow turns out to be.

So it is highly advisable to keep Rain Coats or Wind Cheaters with you and High Boots to keep yourself dry if you decide to take up hiking route.

Gulabgarh Rainfall Historical Graph

Another reason for you to stay here during the rainy season is that you get to reach Machail at the height of 9500ft above sea level on a chopper and can pay obeisance at the Machail Mata Temple.

The journey on a chopper will reserve your energy for you to see the beautiful sights in and around Machail such as Barnaz Valley. A short trek of about 8-10 Kms from Machail will land you in the beautiful open green grazing ground. A trip you wouldn’t want to miss.

Weather in Paddar during Winters

The winter weather in Paddar starts from December to March. This is the time when it snows in here. The winters are very tough and there is hardly any or no tourist activity I must say during these months. The mercury plummets below freezing point to almost -10 Degrees Celsius in Gulabgarh. Whereas, the record low is 20 Degrees below the freezing point in December 1991.

Accommodation in Paddar

Paddar can be a very attractive tourist destination of Jammu and Kashmir if we get more exposure from the government. Right now there are only a couple of Hotels in Gulabgarh Paddar that can cater to a handful of visitors during the peak tourist season in August. Homestays are popular here and tourists can be easily accommodated in any village.

The Historical Weather Figures are taken from MSN weather and Accuweather.

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